About Us

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Canadian Academy of Health & Wellness

At revive, we believe that good health is a state of harmony of the mind, body, and soul. Established in April 2019, we aim to ensure better physical health and prosperity to our valued patients. Our certified therapists lead the way, and their vast experience in the medical field enables them to treat patients with care and mark positive outcomes.

We are not just a group of individuals; rather, we are a collective of story telling therapists who work together to facilitate our clients and resolve their wellness concerns. 

From massage therapy to chiropractic treatment, from sports injuries to acupuncture, and from coping with work injuries to recovery lounges, we assure better physical health for the distressed. Apart from our wellness clinic, we serve to provide a co-working clinic where potential people from different sectors can work in harmony and silence.

We acknowledge that physical fitness is the essential aspect that leads to complaisance; hence, our wellness clinic has been oriented to serve and empower the community and resolve all possible physical fitness concerns. We have created a positive work environment to provide our patients’ best experience and add more value to our services.

Our Mission

Helping others bring out the best versions of themselves through education, awareness, and accessibility to the health and wellness community.

Give back to the global good by giving yourself a little self-love.