Antonio is a distinguished figure and entrepreneur in the area of sport management and coordination. Originally from Mexico, Antonio started his work through martial arts at centres for women and children of abuse. Specifically through Taekwondo, he has helped individuals and groups improve their self esteem, build leadership skills and improve their quality of life through education. At the young age of 17, Antonio opened up his first Taekwondo school in Mexico which became very successful as he led and trained many athletes to compete state wide. After migrating to Canada a few years later, he continued his Taekwondo practice to be certified by Kukkiwon, the international headquarters of Taekwondo. He completed His education in Sport Business and Management and has since then worked with a multitude of well respected organizations and institutions around Canada including York University and MLSE Launchpad.  Antonio's work reflects his belief that no what your current situation might be, you can always do something to make it better.