Education About The Use of CBD and Cannabis for Your Health and Wellness

CAOFHW Wellness Center is dedicated to all forms of alternative medicine.


Cannabis has been proven to relieve health ailments for centuries. Thanks to improvisations in regulations and accessibility, Cannabis is now a widely available product. Cannabis can be a wonderful addition to your daily routine in the form of CBD Tinctures, Body Creams, Gummies, and Skincare Products. Cannabis in its non-psychoactive strains include CBD, CBN, and CBG which all serve a different purpose towards healing the body.


CBD is great for overall relaxation, while CBN is focused more on muscle release and getting a better night’s sleep, and CBG is great for productivity and energy!


Cannabis products are a great way to infuse natural healing into your everyday routine


An easy way to relieve anxiety

Say bye-bye to Joint Pain and aches.

Get a better nights sleep

Improves digestion

Dilutes excess mind chatter

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